1. Q: Do insurance companies pay for house calls?
A: In most instances - yes. If you have a different primary care physician and an HMO plan, you will have to obtain a referral from your primary care doctor.

Q: How do I arrange the house call service?
A: Call 617-916-5085.

Q: Can I meet the doctor before I start using the service?
A: Yes. We can meet in my office.

Q: What happens if after your visit my child still needs to go to a hospital?
A: I will make arrangements for an admission to the most appropriate hospital

Q: What happens if my child needs a blood test?
A: The majority of tests can be obtained at home or in the office and delivered to a local laboratory. Strep tests and urine tests can be performed on site. If x-ray is needed it also can be arranged through hospitals I am affiliated with or mobile x-ray companies.